Women’s Health

There are many factors and health practitioners that play into the role of women’s health and treatments. Physical therapists are one of those practitioners. A physical therapist can work with women on postural retraining, strengthening, and weight bearing activities for osteoporosis. Balance activities can also be worked on to decrease the risk of falls and fractures associated with osteoporosis.

For the younger women’s population, a physical therapist can be used during the childbearing years. A physical therapist can aide in a woman becoming healthier prior to conceiving, aide in exercise during pregnancy, prepare the woman for delivery, and aide in pain relief during the pregnancy and during delivery.

For the younger and the older population, a physical therapist can also work with the patient on issues of incontinence. Often an issue that is embarrassing to discuss, women will “just live with” the symptoms. A trained physical therapist can address and often times decrease or eliminate the symptoms of incontinence and allow the patient to return to activities that they may have avoided due to the incontinence.

Utilization of a physical therapist can increase the quality of life by improving health in many areas as well, such as cardiovascular fitness, weight control, and flexibility. Ask your physician for a referral to physical therapy to improve your overall health and quality of life.