Kinesio® Tex Gold Tape

Different types of taping applications have been around for many years in the physical therapy and occupational therapy profession with a type of athletic taping being seen the most. In the recent years, it has become more common to see a different type of taping utilized on athletes in the world arena. This tape is Kinesio® Tex Gold tape and it is being used a therapeutic option in the rehabilitation world.

What is so unique about this tape? The specially created elastic tape creates a lifting effect on the skin to improve circulation and relieve pain. The use of the elasticity in the tape and the direction in which it is applied can either cause a muscle to work harder or to relax. The tape may also be used to decrease swelling in an area of the body and redirect it to the lymphatic channels. Application of the tape may also be used to correct posture and decrease scar tissue.

Due the tape’s ability to address so many symptoms people often think that there is medication in the tape. The tape is made of cotton fibers, it is latex free, and the acrylic adhesive is medical grade. Due to the elasticity of the tape, it allows the person to move through their full range of motion without restriction. The design of the glue on the tape is made to mimic the fingerprints of the skin and is thereby less abrasive on the skin itself. Kinesio® Tex Gold tape is also designed to be gentle enough on the skin to be worn for 3 to 5 days to provide relief from symptoms.

This tape is not just for athletes. With the proper training, Kinesio® Tex Gold tape can be used to treat a variety of medical, orthopedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions in the younger and older populations.